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About us

At Prescript we believe that for every challenge there lies an ingenious solution just waiting to be discovered.

It’s how we discover that ingenious solution through combining our unique mix of curiosity, expertise and creativity that makes us different.

Our business teams together offer global services from strategic planning, medical education, learning and development through to brand launch, tactical implementation and corporate communications.

With the ability to bring our highly skilled cross-functioning teams together, we can explore your challenge from every angle and go beyond the expected. We create consistent, compelling stories that resonate at every step of the journey from product concept through to patient delivery.

Together we capture that truly joined-up thinking that ignites ideas to create ingenious solutions which challenge beliefs, change behaviour and deliver results.

Because with us, it’s all about passion, clarity and talent. It’s art, not magic.

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Who we work with

We work with global organisations, rolling out communications and training for affiliate companies. We also work directly for the local countries worldwide.