What we do

What's different about us is how we bring together a unique range of experts to give you a fresh perspective on addressing your needs.

Medical communications

Built from our insights about how people embed knowledge, evolve their beliefs and change their behaviours, we create bespoke medical communication strategies that impart information, transfer knowledge and educate across the entire healthcare system.

  • Medical strategy, pre-, peri- and post-launch
  • Meetings and symposia
  • Publication planning
  • Medical education and thought leader programmes
  • Digital engagement
  • Internal medical and skills training
  • Patient programmes

Brand communications

We seek to inspire and engage through powerful brand identities, building relevant, consistent, and compelling stories that shift existing beliefs and lead to changes in behaviour. Whether you are launching a new brand, maximising your brand life cycle or refreshing its look and feel, our unique engagement model ensures brand value is amplified at every step of the journey.

  • Brand strategy
  • Pre-launch disease awareness and market development
  • Launching brands
  • Creating and adding value
  • Communication planning
  • Patient support programmes
  • Life-cycle management
  • Global to local adaptation

Market access

We offer support and services to market access teams from global to local level. Our cross-functional teams at Prescript enable us to find solutions for your market access challenges. Because we understand how effective market access strategies affect the rest of your business, we stay with you for the whole journey, from molecule to patient.
Creating messages that truly engage.

  • Understanding challenges to launch success
  • Creating value to optimise access
  • Building a robust evidence base
  • Systematic and targeted literature reviews
  • HEOR publications
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • HTA submissions and consultancy
  • Access communication tools

Commercial and medical operations

By leveraging our expertise and experience in commercial and medical operations, we create inclusive strategic learning solutions aimed at strengthening customer relationships and engaging employees for operational effectiveness.

  • Developing and implementing commercial excellence strategies which empower operational excellence.
  • Creating training and development programmes which unleash the potential of customer facing employees
  • Transforming traditional learning programmes into stimulating, immersive experiences.
  • Developing the framework, tools and knowledge base for launch excellence
  • Customer engagement strategy and training
  • Coaching and self-coaching opportunities
  • Competency development
  • Continuous learning activities and engagements

Corporate communications

We specialize in crafting and executing communications plans which ensure consistency of messaging. Our goal is to foster engagement, keep everyone well-informed and empower individuals. We recognize the challenges of maintaining consistent, clear and compelling communications amid competing business priorities and are committed to developing campaigns that are not only inclusive but can captivate diverse audiences simultaneously.

  • Policies and guideline development and communication
  • Change communication
  • Employee engagement
  • Brand and corporate culture
  • Business, team and industry updates
  • Company statements and internal news
  • Business reports
  • Promotional campaigns

Learning ecosystem

As we enter a new era of learning & development, healthcare businesses need effective and engaging ways to upskill their people, wherever they are, while individuals expect to consume knowledge using digital platforms with 24/7 access.

The revolution in learning isn't just beginning - it's already here.

One way that we apply Prescript's Ingenious approach is through Ignyte -
the ecosystem that is changing the shape of learning in healthcare.

It enables your people to excel in four key ways:

  • Self-directed learning (SDL):

    Empowering and motivating your people to develop and thrive

  • A digital platform:

    Ensuring learners can easily access content that is engaging, dynamic and inclusive

  • Humanised digital learning:

    Bringing SDL to life with connection and collaboration between facilitators and peers

  • Continuous learning:

    Designed in bite-sized chunks to ensure knowledge can be consolidated and refreshed as needed

Join our revolution and find out more on the dedicated Ignyte website

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